User Data

our application don’t collect any information from user.It is only simple help user to get information from QR code on product or any QR code which other created from other application.Our application simlpe transfer QR Code into readable information for user and help them understand what information QR code containt inside and then they can base on that information to make any next decision if they want.

Children effect?

Our application is not design for children beacause children can not understand meaning of QR code.Only teen above or adult can use this application easily.

it is not harmful for any one it is useful for every one.

Monitoring user

Our application don’t have any activity in monitoring user or user positon.

Permission in app

Beacause our app need to read QR code on product or QR code is created from other app ,so we will ask permission use camera on your phone when scan QR code.It is safety with user.We only use camera for purpose in QR code scanner and transfer QR code into readable information for user.We don’t use user camera in any other purpose for example monitoring or collect information about place of user exct…..It is safe for everyone so user don’t need to worry about this permission when start scan QR code.

Pls feel safety to enable camera permission on when is asked in using app.

Ads in app

Yes we embed Google Adsene code in app ,so we alway keep rule about ads management as Google ‘s suggestion.It is safe for everyone.

Alright reserver

This application is developed by Goose software and it is free for everyone on the world.

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